Good-Bye, Tomorrow Is Yesterday

Tomorrow Is Yesterday, the first game and comic-book shop I regularly shopped at as a kid, went under late last year. I had heard that they and Black Hawk Hobby Distributors, which were both owned by the same people, were having troubles last year, but it had been a while since I’d been able to get down to Rockford, Illinois, to visit.

Today, I had to run down to Rockford to trade in my son Pat’s violin for a larger one from Asher’s Violin Shop. He’s grown, and needs the next size up. On my way back, I tried to stop by Tomorrow Is Yesterday and found that Top Cut Comics had replaced it.

The new owners have done a fine job with the place, although they place a lot more emphasis on their Pokémon league and tournaments. They cleared out nearly half the store for gaming tables, and they had a bunch of kids in there playing when I stopped by. I’ll miss the old place and the people who ran it, but hopefully Top Cut will be around to soldier on in their stead for years to come.