Sylvia Earle Speaks

Friday night, I handed off my duties as the quads’ soccer coach to take Marty to see Sylvia Earle accept the Roy Chapman Andrews Award. She is an amazing woman who’s done incredible things, and her presentation was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Marty and I were both fighting colds, so we bailed out before the absolute end of the event.

The Beloit Daily News put the event on the front page, along with a photo of Bill Green (director of the Logan Museum) and my father giving Earle the award. For Marty and me, the oddest part was hearing my dad referred at as “the Honorable Ken Forbeck.” To us, proud of him as we are, he’s just Grandpa/Dad rather than Judge Forbeck.

Either way, Dad did a great job of discharging his duties as this year’s president of the Roy Chapman Andrews Society. I keep thinking I’d like to write a Roy Chapman Andrews novel one of these days. First, though, I have to finish Vegas Knights!