Free Kobolds!

My friends at Kobold Quarterly (a D&D/d20 magazine ably edited by my Alliterate pal Wolfgang Baur) are giving away free PDFs of issue #10 for the next week. Until January 31, 2010, you can grab one for yourself by entering the coupon code KQ10Free at checkout. As Wolf’s lovely wife Shelly (a.k.a. Kobold Minion #1) tells me:

Issue #10 features an interview with Paizo‘s Jason Bulmahn, Ed Greenwood‘s Dwarven Goddess, Ecology of the Hill Giant, John Wick‘s unique (and slightly disturbing) take on Halflings, Secrets of the Halberd, Monte Cook‘s Game Theories,  Rampant Elf Lust, and more. We think it’s one of the best issues we’ve ever done.

I’ve long been a fan of Wolf and his work. Now, if you hustle on over, you can see why, for free.