Gamers Help Haiti

In the wake of the Haitian disaster, my friends at offered to match any donations of $5 or $10 made through their site to Doctors Without Borders. They managed to raise a couple thousand dollars that way in a few days, but that wasn’t enough for them. sells PDFs of tabletop roleplaying game products. They carry games and supplements from all sorts of different publishers, making them a huge one-stop shop for such things. They sent out a message to their publishers, asking them to chip in some PDFs as incentives for people to donate even more. When they totaled everything up, they had over 100 products worth a total of nearly $1,500—and they’re giving them away to anyone who donates $20 through their site to Doctors Without Borders.

In the first day, they raised about $50,000. As of the moment I write this, in the evening of the project’s second day, they’ve already topped $72,000. That’s over 3,600 donations, and they’re still going.

If you have any interest in tabletop RPGs or know anyone else who does, stop by and chip in. This is an insanely good deal for any gamer. If you’re terribly picky, you may not like or even care about 95% of the PDFs you get, but you’re sure to find at least a few gems. For those of us who like all sorts of games, this is a feast sure to overstuff you with gaming goodness.

If you want to chip in even more, stop by the GeekDad site and donate there too. If you give over $100 to Merlin USA, my pal John Kovalic of Dork Tower fame will send you an autographed copy of the first Dork Tower collection. Plus, every $15 gets you a chance to win other prizes.

It’s tough all over these days, but no one has it harder than the Haitians. Spread the wealth if you can spare it, and either way, spread the word.