The Worldbuilders Auction

Pat Rothfuss, the author of the excellent The Name of the Wind, is running his second annual fundraiser for Heifer International, which he calls Worldbuilders. As part of this, he’s gathered together hundreds of donated items for a lottery for those who donate to the program, plus he’s auctioning off some special items that he and others have donated.

I chipped in a few autographed books for the lottery, including copies of Mutant Chronicles, Rumble in the Jungle, Prophecy of the Dragons, and The Dragons Revealed. (Scroll down.) And those are likely some of the least wonderful things available. There are some stellar things up for grabs.

To date, Pat’s raised over $100,000 already this year. Stop on by the site, check out the loot, and chip in for the good of some people who could really use it. Heifer is an excellent charity and deserves your support.