Happy Holidays and Free D&D

As a pick-your-holiday gift, I present to you “Inn Peril” (1.5 MB PDF), a Dungeons & Dragons 4E adventure designed for use with five 1st-level adventurers. This originally appeared in issue #114 of Game Trade Magazine this past summer, and a PDF of it was posted on the magazine’s website for free. The magazine has since retired the adventure, but I’m giving it a permanent home here.

I recently used this as the first adventure in the new campaign I started with my son Marty and his friends. I’ve been writing about this in a monthly column for The Escapist magazine, as part of their High Adventure series. If you read those, be sure to check out the adventure so you can see exactly the sort of fun we’ve been having in our game.

The adventure originally appeared without the maps I designed for it, but I’ve included those in this version of the PDF. These are my hand-drawn originals, not the polished pieces you usually see in a published adventure. Look at them, and you’ll see how much a professional cartographer does to earn his keep.

No matter your religion or lack thereof, I wish you and yours the happiest of holidays this season! 2009 was an amazing year in many ways, and here’s hoping for 2010 to be even better.