What a Card

Bill of Rights Card.jpg At this year’s Gen Con, my pal Dan Tibbles of Bucephalus Games gave me the birthday present he’d been threatening me with for months. I had no idea what it might be, and when he handed me my very own card for his company’s game Bill of Rights, he caught me by surprise.

I had the chance to play the game with Anthony Gallela at PAX, and it’s lots of fun. In the game, you take the part of someone involved in the Constitutional Convention, and you struggle with the other players to push through the version of the Bill of Rights that your character would like best. Each player has a card that secretly defines his or her positions on various issues. While the game comes with several of these cards, there was room for more, so Dan printed up a special set of promotional cards featuring famous game designers. The six cards feature James Ernest (Lone Shark Games), Andrew Looney (Looney Labs), Mike Selinker (Lone Shark Games), Mike Stackpole, John Zinser (AEG), and me.

You can get the cards from any of the people shown on the cards. I have a whole carton of them. Hit me up for one at a show or a signing, and I’d be happy to share.