Weekend = Halloween Party and Geek.Kon

Photo on 2009-10-23 at 19.59 #4.jpg I had a jam-packed weekend. I started off by taking Ann down to the High Voltage Software Halloween party in Hoffman Estates on Friday night. This is held in a motion-capture studio—essentially a wide-open warehouse—filled with dozens of wildly creative people competing to come up with the best costume. Ann went as a geisha girl—a.k.a. ninja momma—while I broke out my tux and went as everyone’s favorite British spy, complete with a name tag that read “HELLO. MY NAME IS Bond, James Bond.”  

I’ve been to the party three years running, and it’s always awesome, from the decorations right down to the drinks. I got to catch up with some old friends, dance just enough to tear the sole off a shoe, and even play some upcoming video games. This was the first time I had the chance to bring Ann with me, and she loved it.

The kids’ soccer games were canceled due to the inches of water sitting on the field, so I didn’t have to get up for those the next morning. Instead, I rolled straight off to Geek.Kon in Madison, Wisconsin.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a great show. The con staff was wonderful and went far out of their way to make all of the guests happy. I need to send a special shout-out to Sari and Brian, who helped take care of me and even brought me and the other guests out to an excellent steak dinner at Smoky’s on Saturday night.

The first seminar went well. Bill Bodden, Aaron Pavao, and I held forth on anything having to do with games and publishing them. We repeated that the next morning, except with the help of Chad Corrie and focusing on fiction.

After the first seminar, there was an autograph session, during which the rest of us mostly watched the talented and charming Kyle Hebert make his fans happy. When that was over, I ran back to the seminar room to help the Reactor 88 Studios guys present the Brave New World: Revolution proof-of-concept trailer to the crowd, which people seemed to like.

I came home early so that Ann could run out to another Halloween party—which made four for her that weekend, including two she took the kids to on Saturday while I was gone. This one was a benefit held at the Janesville Old Navy store for some of the homeless kids she watches out for.

Now its back to the grindstone. Lots of things are coming together, and I’m looking to put a few large projects to bed soon. Wish me luck.