Marvel Encyclopedia in Stores Today

TMEcover.jpgI’m told that the new edition of The Marvel Encyclopedia, which I revised for DK Publishing, should be out in stores in North America today. I had a ball working on this book. I’ve never had such a great excuse for reading so many comic books in a stretch. The fact that I get to share a byline with Tom DeFalco and Tom Brevoort too is a real kick. Many thanks to Alastair Dougall, who edited the book, and Robert Perry, who helmed the graphic design. They helped make this job fun.

I’m told my copies should be arriving soon, and I’m struggling to be patient. If you give in to the urges and pick one up, be sure to let me know what you think. I saw a lot of the artwork and graphic design as PDFs, and I can barely wait to see it all in print.