Amortals: Delays for the Better

I’m now told that Amortals, my first original novel, will be delayed until the spring. For various reasons, the Angry Robots decided that this would be a better launch window for the novel. That means you can expect to see it in the UK in April and the US in June.

I would love to have the book out now, now, NOW, but I understand the decision. What’s more, I’m all for it because it gives us more time for two things.

  1. To make the book as excellent as it can be.
  2. To give us plenty of time to ramp up the marketing for the book.

That means I’ll have a book I can be most proud of and that will sell as best it can. For that, I can be a bit more patient. And so, I hope, can you.

In the meantime, here’s something to whet your appetite: the sales text posted on Amortal‘s HarperCollins page:

Today you die.

Today you are reborn.

Today you hunt the man who killed you.

It’s Lee Child vs. Altered Carbon in a high-tech blast of tough-as-nails future thrills.

Matt Forbeck arrives as the new king of high-concept — with a blockbuster action movie in a book. In the near future, scientists solve the problem of mortality by learning how to backup and restore a persons memories into a vat-bred clone. When Secret Service agent Ronan “Methusaleh” Dooley is brutally murdered, he’s brought back from the dead to hunt his killer, and in doing so uncover a terrible conspiracy.

FILE UNDER:Science Fiction [Future Thriller / Cheat Death / Rogue Agents / Who Killed Who?]