My Descent Adventure

VA60.jpgWhile I was at Gen Con, I saw a preview copy of a book for which I wrote a small bit: Descent: Quest Compendium. This is an all-star jam book of 16 brand-new quests for Descent: Journeys Into the Dark from Fantasy Flight Games. Descent, for those who don’t know it, is a monstrous board game that comes in a massive box and plays like Dungeons & Dragons with all pretensions of roleplaying stripped clean out.

For this book, developer Will Hindmarch gathered together a host of top game designers, including Keith Baker, Monte Cook, Ken Hite, John Kovalic, Chris Pramas, Phil Reed, Mike Selinker, Jeff Tidball, J. D. Wiker, Kevin Wilson, Ray Winninger, Teeuwynn Woodruff, and—ah—me.

My quest is called “Pinball Wizard,” which allowed me to combine my love of the Who and Indiana Jones and blend it into a high-octane cocktail with old-style, “kick down the door, kill the monster, and take its stuff” gaming, garnished with a heaping helping of rolling boulders. I’m looking forward to checking out what everyone else chipped into the book and how they each gave the game their own unique spin too.