Gen Con, BNW: Revolution, and Parties

I’m prepping for Gen Con, which starts on Thursday, although I’ll be there on Wednesday for the Diana Jones Award party. I have a busy schedule lined up for myself, which includes my Industry Insider Guest of Honor panels, plus some events to promote the release of the Brave New World: Revolution proof-of-concept video.

The big event, of course, is the debut of that video, along with a concert by Makeshift Prodigy. This happens Friday at 4 PM in the Westin’s Grand Ballrooms 2 & 3. For a preview of this, be sure to check out the new trailer.

Also, Reactor 88 Studios and Makeshift Prodigy are throwing an afterparty to celebrate the release of the Brave New World: Revolution proof-of-concept. We’ll be at the Subterra Lounge (250 S. Meridian), blowing off steam and listening to the sounds of DJ Marcelo. This is a reservation-only event. Be sure to contact [email protected] to join us.

In any case, if you’re going to be at Gen Con, do say hi. I love chatting with gamers and fans of all kinds, and I hope to see you there!