Music, Comics, Books, and Food

Ann and I just got back from seeing Fountains of Wayne perform at Studio M, in the basement of 105.5 FM in Madison. I won the tickets in a random drawing on Monday and arranged for babysitting right away. We drove up to the station and got there on time and enjoyed a couple free beers courtesy of the Capital Brewery, which sponsors these events.

The band played a short set interspersed with interview questions, and they rocked. They even answered my smart-ass question about how much of an influence Michael Jackson had on them by confessing they sometimes used a riff from “Beat It” in their concerts. They went on to say though, that Jackson had undoubtedly had a huge influence on many muscians. Just not them.

It turns out that their bassist, Adam Schlesinger, wrote a bunch of the songs for “A Colbert Christmas.” This fact catapulted my respect for them even higher.

Afterward, we headed over to Westfield Comics and then to the Frugal Muse to gorge ourselves on comics and used books. From there, we ran to Sa-Bai Thong for a fantastic Thai dinner and then raced home to put the kids to bed. We had a wonderful time, and the whole day served as a perfect reminder of how great a city Madison is. I love living in Beloit, but one of the greatest things about it is how close it is to places like Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago too.