Gen Con Guest Pages and Plans

It’s on the internet, so it must be official. I’m once again to be an Industry Insider Guest of Honor at Gen Con this summer. That means you’ll be able to find me roaming Indianapolis from August 12–16, hunting for games, books, and friends like a hungry dog. Once again, I’ll be part of a great crew this year, including Richard Borg, Reiner Knizia, Matt Wilson, and my fellow Alliterates member Stan! My seminar schedule isn’t set yet, but I’ll post it here once it is—or you can find it on my Gen Con guest page then too.

The guys at Reactor 88 Studios also have a huge event in the works to promote the Brave New World movie we’re working on. I don’t have firm details on this yet, but once I do, you’ll be the next to know. Either way, I hope to see you at the show!