Family Games and Descent

A couple of things I contributed to have finally been announced, so now I can mention them here. Both of them are “celebrity jam” books to which many of the top names in the tabletop gaming industry are contributing.

First, there’s Family Games: The 100 Best. This is the sequel to Hobby Games: The 100 Best, and it focuses on games that are theoretically more accessible to the wider market. Once again, my friend Jim Lowder brings us all together for one of the best “best list” books around. The book features a foreword by the ever awesome Mike Gray, plus an afterword by the always incredible Wil Wheaton.

After that, look for Descent: Journeys in the Dark: Quest Compendium, Volume One. (Which is several mouthfuls for a title.) The inestimable Will Hindmarch gathers the designers for this one, which features an introduction by board game guru Alan Moon. If you play the game, don’t miss out on this.

With luck, both should be out this summer, and I cannot (but sadly must) wait to see them both.