Ann on the Radio

My lovely and wonderful wife will be on the radio this morning! Ann and her boss Marge Hallenbeck are slated to join the Stan Milam Show at 10 AM to talk about homeless students in the School District of Janesville, Wisconsin. This is a growing problem everywhere, and Ann’s become an expert on the subject, speaking out for kids here and presenting at national conferences too.

As you might imagine, I’m terribly proud of Ann and her work. While I clown around and try to entertain people, she’s out there trying to help the neediest kids in our area every day. It balances out our family karma.

It also makes it hard for me to complain when work keeps her late. (Me: “I have a deadline for this comic book.” Ann: “I have to help with this grant to set up a shelter for homeless teens.” Me: “Ah. Right. I’ll pick up the kids and make dinner.”)

If you’re local, tune into WCLO 1230 AM to listen in. For the rest of you, there doesn’t seem to be a live stream, but the station regularly turns Stan’s shows into podcasts. Once I have a link for the show with Ann, I’ll post it here.