Monte Cooks up a

My fellow Alliterate (and one of my first-ever editors) Monte Cook just announced his next big project in gaming: The name alone tells you how ambitious of a project it is, but if anyone can pull off such a humongous feat, it’s Monte.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

Next week I’m going to be launching, a subscription-based website that will offer new game content every weekday. Basically, what I’ll be doing is building an ongoing dungeon-based campaign of a decidedly old-school tradition, but utilizing all the newest presentation options. So expect an adventure like no other with hypertext references to all the important game content (including various rules references), fluid encounters, and incredible amounts of detail. describes Dragon’s Delve, a mysterious (mega-)dungeon of vast size, fascinating secrets, and great danger. It includes such locales as the Font of Dreams, the Domain of the Venom Cult, the Prison of the Red Saint, the Aberrant Laboratory, the Sprawl of the Demon Leige, and the Secret City. It offers weird and wild encounters with the Bestial Host, the Insidious Kings, swarm-demon Czarzem the Wicked, and the Prince of Dragons. It holds treasures and secrets like the Twelve Secret Sigils, Sao’s Bones, and the mystical wendways. But the adventure includes much more than just a dungeon. also describes the surrounding area (filled with intriguing ruins), the nearby town of Brindenford (which is far more involved in the goings-on than it first appears), side trips to a mysterious island and an extradimensional tesseract, and forays into strange other planes. And that’s just for starters. Seriously.

There are two other very cool things about One is that there I’ll have my own blog in which I’ll talk about various aspects of the design, offering tips for running specific encounters to maximize the fun, providing insight into the hows and whys of the design involved, background ideas for PCs, and much more. I’ll even include suggestions for miniatures you might want to use, if you’re into minis. The other cool thing is the community aspect of With the comments, forums, and even polls, I’ll be interacting continually with members answering questions and providing information as you need it. Future design elements in the campaign will be based on feedback from members (want more combat? more demons? fewer orcs with pies? Just let me know!). I learned from the forums right here how valuable it is to create a community of people actually using the material, not only asking me questions but also providing suggestions and ideas to each other.

As I said, the site goes live next week (at which time, the link above will take you to the real site). I hope you’ll check it out. There will be plenty of free content for you to sample and get an idea of what is all about.

Let me answer just a few questions you might have now. (There’s so much more to tell!) All will be explained next week, though.

  • The cost for membership–if you join in March and become a charter member–is only $7 a month.
  • The rules supported will be primarily 3.5, but let me offer up two thoughts in that regard. The first is, even as I’m writing this I’m struck by how rules-light it all is. It would be a piece of cake to use it with any edition (older or newer) of the game. The second is, if I discover that a large percentage of the membership is using another rules system, like say Pathfinder or Arcana Evolved, I’ll make a point to offer up frequent conversion information, assuming that I can do so legally, respecting copyrights where needed.
  • You can print out the material and use it like a standard adventure, but navigating through it online is really cool.
  • You don’t have to use it as a campaign. If you just want to get a cool encounter idea every weekday, is for you.