Upcoming Cons

The summer convention season is rolling at me like a steam train, and my plans for it are starting to fall into place. Here’s where you can expect to see me:

Gary Con (March 7): This is the first annual convention in memory of Gary Gygax, and I’ll be there in the afternoon with my son Marty. This will be his first convention since Ann used to bring him to Gen Con in a stroller, and I plan to spend the time playing games with him.

Odyssey Con (April 24–26): I plan to be here on the 25th at least, although my schedule isn’t quite nailed down yet. The show has posted a preliminary list of panels, but times and dates for them are still to be determined.

Comic-Con (July 23–26): For the first time in a few years, I plan to attend the whole show, and with luck I’ll be on a panel or three.

Gen Con (August 13–16): I’ll be a guest at this show once again. Expect to find me in panels, signing books, playing games, and having fun.