Gen Con Emerges from Bankruptcy

According to a press release on its website, the bankruptcy court has approved Gen Con‘s reorganization plan, and it’s now emerged from Chapter 11.

Woot! I’m thrilled for Peter Adkison, Adrian Swartout, and my other friends at the company. This means that the current team will remain in place and that the show will go on this summer.

As part of the declaration, the court also rejected the hostile takeover offer from the Gen Con Acquisition Group, which never did publicly name any of its investors. My friend Anthony Gallela revealed himself as the person who would run the new operation if the takeover succeeded, but that was it. While I’m disappointed for Anthony, I can’t help but feel that keeping Gen Con in Peter’s hands is the right choice, and I’m glad the bankruptcy court saw it that way.

Anyhow, you can be sure I’ll be at the show this summer, and I hope to see you there too!