Break Time Is Over

Tonight is effectively the last night of Winter Break. Although the kids don’t go back to school until Monday, that makes Sunday night a school night—and therefore tonight the last break night. It’s been a busy, fun couple of weeks, but I’ve not gotten as much work done as I’d hoped.

I love having the kids around—maybe too much. They’re just so much more fun than work, and the pull between the two urges (Fun, Involved Dad vs. Responsible, Unavailable-at-the-Moment Dad) can sometimes stretch me thin. (Although not all that thin, given the numerous baskets of goodies our neighbors have dropped by. Have I mentioned I love our new neighborhood?)

Anyhow, I’m working late to try to get back on track. Looking at the schedule, I see a jam-packed start to the new year. In a time during which many people are out of work, this is a problem I’m happy to have, but I’m determined to solve it despite that.

Here’s hoping you all had great holidays too and that there’s a better 2009 ahead for us all.