Four from Forbeck: Why Santa Must Be a Gamer

Top 1d4 Reasons Why Santa Must Be a Gamer

  1. He’s surrounded by munchkins he calls “elves.” (Come on. Real elves [4E: eladrin] are much taller, specialize in more than “toy magic,” and are wicked with a bow.)
  2. Collects magic items and mounts. (A bag of holding [for the toys] and a sleigh of flying, plus eight flying reindeer led by a boss reindeer with a glowing, red nose.)
  3. He only gets out once a year, but he stays out all night long talking about paladins. (Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good knight!)
  4. He’s a fat white man with a beard—and he likes it that way!

Happy holidays to you all, and may those lumps in the bottom of your stocking be dice rather than coal!