LOTRO Screentography

Will Hindmarch‘s latest in his series of excellent articles on The Lord of the Rings Online has been posted to the game’s website. “Hero’s Guide to Zelem-melek” takes you on a guided tour of one of the coolest parts of Moria.

I edit many of these articles, so I know how much sweat Will puts into every bit of his work. He always impresses me with the great screenshots he gets. This is much harder to do than you might think. Just try grabbing a well-framed image with everything you need in it—characters, monsters, UI, etc.—at just the right moment.

There should be a proper name for this sort of activity, which we’re only going to see more of in the future. I suggest “screentography,” if only because it’s less of a mouthful than “screenshotography.”

Anyone else have better suggestions? I’d love to hear them.