The Family Games 100 Coming Your Way

I’ve just received my assignment for the upcoming Family Games: The 100 Best, the family-friendly sequel to last year’s Hobby Games: The 100 Best. For those not in the know, the award-winning original featured 100 essays from 100 top game designers, each writing about one of his or her favorite games. (Mine covered Space Hulk.)

I’m not yet supposed to tell you what game I’m tackling this time around, but I can reveal certain other details about the project. My pal Jim Lowder once again helms the book, serving as its editor and (more importantly) writer wrangler. My compadres at Green Ronin step forward once more as the brave and proud publishers.

Instead of “hobby games,” this volume focuses on games that have proven their appeal to a wider audience—and that haven’t already been seen in the first book. However, many of the writers—over half, perhaps well over—who made the first book such a gem will reprise their efforts for Family Games: The 100 Best. Plus, my longtime friend Mike Gray (the senior director of product acquisition at Hasbro) will pen the forward, while my more recent friend Wil Wheaton (come on, you know who Wil is) will bring it all to a resounding end with the afterword.

I don’t have any hard details, but I suspect you’ll be able to get your hands on the book sometime in 2009, perhaps in time for the summer convention season. I may be writing one entry, but I really can’t wait to read the other 99.