More Forbidden Knowledge Out Now!

MFK.jpegMy latest book apparently hit shelves before I knew it. More Forbidden Knowledge: 101 New Things Not Everyone Should Know How to Do is now available at bookstores around the US (at least). Amazon still lists it under the name of Michael Powell, the original book‘s author. However, Urban Outfitters (of all places) not only has it under my name but also features the cover and some interior pages to glance through too.

This is the third book I wrote for a nonfiction book packager, but due to the vagaries of publishing it’s the first one released. I’m told the others—Egyptians: Lost Worlds and Orcs—should come out in 2009.

The book sounds edgy, but it should be filed under “Humor” rather than “Reference.” It covers everything from breathing fire to how to disarm a nuclear bomb, but with only 300 or so words devoted to each topic, each entry just features a tongue-in-cheek overview. The Anarchist’s Cookbook it is not.

If you’re looking for a fun, light read, check it out. As I wrote it, it struck me that someone could easily add a d20/4E set of rules to it to create Jackass: The Roleplaying Game. Think of it as all the fun without any of the stitches.