Good Times Too

I’ve posted a lot of gloomy things here lately, so I thought I should give some attention to some of the good ones too. Three new babies have come into the world recently and that’s something to wear a goofy grin about.

First, my cousin Michelle Norville gave birth to her fourth child, Lucy Ann. Michelle and her husband Marcus are wonderful parents already, and Lucy comes into a home filled with a lot of love from arms both big and small.

Second, Judith Heise—the wife of my good friend John Kovalic of Dork Tower fame—gave birth to their first child, Louisa Claudette-Marie. This is especially poignant because John and Judith had tried for so many years and had a foreign adoption fall apart not so long ago. Ann and I struggled with our own infertility issues for many years, too—before we corrected them with a big (baby) boom, so we’re just thrilled for the newly formed Kovalic Trio.

Third, Rachel Butterworth-Tice—the wife of another good friend (and former employee at Pinnacle), Matt Tice—just gave birth to their first child too: Gregory David. I’ve known the proud parents for over a dozen years, and Gregory is one lucky kid.

To top this all off, my cousin Kate Williams and her husband Trevor are just about to have their first baby. They had some scares early in the pregnancy that sent Kate on bed rest, something my wife Ann knows only too much about from her time carrying the quads. We are ecstatic that the baby is now near enough to full term that she would no longer be considered a preemie if born even today, and we cannot wait to hear of her birth soon.

So, congratulations to all those very happy parents, and welcome all you lucky kids! We’re hoping to have you all around for a very long time to come.