I woke up, got the kids to school, then drove out to my friendly polling place in the Town of Turtle to vote. (I live on a split lot that’s part in Beloit and part in Turtle, but my bedroom in in Turtle, so that’s where I vote.) The line was short, and I got through in under five minutes.

Afterward, I hustled down to the Democratic HQ in downtown Beloit and signed up to knock on doors to help get out the vote. I polished off one bit of turf, then went to our one and only Starbucks in the area for my free cup of “I Voted!” coffee. I’m drinking that right now as my Robomower takes care of my lawn and my Roomba and Scooba charge up for their inaugural voyages tonight. (I love the future!)

Once I pick up the kids from their half-day of school today and feed them lunch, I’ll wait for my wife to finish her slightly longer half-day at work. Then I’ll hand off the kids and head back out to help.

With luck, I’ll be at the Democratic event at Denali’s in downtown Beloit tonight, watching the results come in. (Or I’ll be home putting my kids to bed.) Either way, here’s hoping it’s a victory party.