Blood Bowl #5 in Stores Yesterday!

BBKC_05_A.jpgLike a thief in the night, Blood Bowl: Killer Contract #5 slipped into comic book stores yesterday without my notice. In this final issue in the miniseries, Lads Helloven and I wrap up with a bang the tale of the Bad Bay Hackers’ quest to defend their title as the Blood Bowl champs against their (very, very) old rivals, the Champions of Death. Meanwhile, undercover assassin Kalter Mörder has one last chance to kill the Hacker’s star player Dunk Hoffnung or be forced to refund the blood money with his own blood.

BBKC_05_B.jpgAgain, I had a fantastic time working on this project, which serves as a direct sequel to Rumble in the Jungle, the fourth (and currently last) of my Blood Bowl novels. Seeing Lads’s hilarious interpretation of the characters who have been bashing about in my head for the last few years made it all that much better. I hope you enjoy it too. Be sure to ask for it at your friendly neighborhood comic-book store.