Multiple Causes

IMGP4385.JPGThat’s our kids on the first day of school, just a couple weeks back. The one on the right is in fourth grade, while the four on the left just entered first.

When we first found out Ann was pregnant with quadruplets, we took the news about as well as you could expect. In other words, we were terrified. Soon after, we started digging around for answers and looking for help. One organization stood out as the best group of people to whom we could turn: MoST (Mothers of Supertwins).

MoST is staffed and filled with people who’d already gone through the long, strange trip on which we had surprisingly embarked. They helped us get our heads screwed back on to our spines and gave us the informational and emotional support we desperately needed. Now, they’re starting a new funding campaign, and they have a video (posted below) that tells about the kind of people the money goes to help. Check it out, if only to see photos of families with even more kids than ours.