Mutant Chronicles Cover

MCCover.jpgYesterday, an envelope showed up from Random House (which owns Del Rey) with a short stack of cover flats* for my novelization of the Mutant Chronicles film. The new cover looks great, much better than the original one Del Rey had mocked up. Tom Jane makes a great Mitch Hunter.

Better yet, Del Rey has posted an excerpt from the book on its website. Paradox gave me a tremendous amount of freedom with the book, allowing me to create many new scenes to fill in some of the blank spots in the film’s necessarily compressed story. I’m pleased with out it turned out.

The Mutant Chronicles novelization goes on sale September 30, I’m told. Be sure to look for it then.

*Covers are printed on a different kind of paper than the rest of the book, so they’re done separately from the pages. Most publishers are smart enough to have the printer make a couple hundred extra unfolded covers—known as “cover flats”—for promotional use. The cost of adding a relatively small number of covers to the regular print run isn’t much at all, so you wind up with a stack of inexpensive, full-color ad slicks for the book.