Where Are They—Wait! Where?

People wander in and out of the gaming industry all the time. For instance, this year at Gen Con, I ran into Matt Grau (formerly of Steve Jackson Games) and Nic Jequier (formerly of XID Creative), neither of whom I’d seen in years, and I had a wonderful time catching up with them.

Here’s a blast from the past that comes from a direction I would never have guessed. Mark Rein-Hagen (formerly of White Wolf, and the creator of the World of Darkness) is now married, has a child, and lives in Georgia.

No, not the state of Georgia, where White Wolf is based. The nation of Georgia, which is currently enmeshed in a struggle with Russia. When the recent conflict broke out, Mark set up a new website (SOSGeorgia.org) to tell the world about what he could see happening in Georgia.

Stop by the site and take a look at a nation in crisis, funneled through the perspective of a writer and game designer who’s married into it. It’s well worth it.