Kobold Quarterly Interview & Kovalic

Jeremy Jones, who sometimes comments around here, recently interviewed me for Kobold Quarterly, the magazine published by fellow Alliterate and all-round good guy Wolfgang Baur. For me, the highlight of the interview is the all-too-kind quote my pal John Kovalic gave Jeremy for the article. Go ahead and read it, wipe your eyes at the raw emotion, and then come back here.

Here’s the ironic part about the quote. In it, John answers Jeremy’s question about whether or not I’m the Nicest Guy in Gaming. (A scurrilous rumor at best.) John’s response deferentially leaves the title to me, but the sheer quality of it proves that John is actually far more deserving.

I chatted with Ken Hite about it at Gen Con, and there’s no longer any doubt. John is the undisputed king!

(And I’m having him write blurbs for anything else I ever do.)