Of Dice and Pen

Flying Pen Press announces an anthology of short stories by professional game industry people, titled: Of Dice and Pen. The anthology is due out August 1st and will be sold at GenCon, at the ICE booth.

Authors include:

Gary Gygax and K.R.Bourgoine, A Wizard’s Thief (Gary’s last Gord story)

Rick Loomis, Xavier’s Story

Andrew Looney, Message in a Bottle, Delusions of Hunger, and The Emperor Must Die

Matt Forbeck, Prometheus Unwound*

Elizabeth T. Danforth, Imp Possible Situations

Chris Clark, A Christmas Story, Bad Day At The Office, Beauracracy, and Sweet Silence of Solitude

Lisa Steenson, Space 28

Curt Covert, PSY_JACK

Catherine G. Thomson, The Book Sorter

Graeme Thomson, Under the Tuscan Snow

Jason S. Walters, Lefty Sanchez Reporting

Andy Vetromile, Fear of Success

Carey Grayson, The Vegetarian

David Wainio, A Homecoming, and Legend of Santa Claus

James L. Cambias, Murder in Messidor

Tim Pelzel, The Sweetness of Suffering

Thomas Rafalski, A Taint Upon the Kingdom

Lee Kamberos, The DarkSide Of Choice

Patrick Matthews, The Queen’s Gambit