Forbecks in the News

Kenny at Cinco de Mayo.jpg

My family’s been in the newspapers around here a number of times lately, for various reasons. My sister Kim—who lives with her family in Shorewood, just north of Milwaukee—is heading up an effort to give every house in the village a reusable shopping bag.

Meanwhile, my son Ken’s photo was in the Janesville Messenger. We were at a Cinco de Mayo celebration at the middle school where my wife Ann was a school social worker. (She’s moving to a new building next year to concentrate more on helping homeless students in the district.)

July 4 2008.jpg

Then Ann, Nick, Ken, and Helen appeared in the Stateline News as part of a photo montage about the Fourth of July celebration here in Beloit down at Riverside Park. We had a wonderful time watching the concert and the fireworks. The city managed to get the park cleaned up well despite the flooding from previous weeks, and enough people stayed away because of the flooding that we had great seats and lots of room to roam around.

Of course, there’s also the news that my father will be back in the courtroom “in a few weeks.”

ETA: Kim was on the evening news in Milwaukee too!