More BBKC Reviews

This is kind of fun. It’s hard to get a genre novel or a board game reviewed, but there are lots of sources for comic-book reviews it seems. I suppose comics are shorter, so it’s easier to review lots of them at once, whereas it’s impossible to read enough genre novels to keep up with them all.

Over at Comics Bulletin, Michael Colbert gives Blood Bowl: Killer Contract #1 another 3.5 bullets. My favorite pull-quote (and a good chance to test out block quotes in my website’s new theme) is:

Blood Bowl is good bloody fun. Pulling off the tightrope act of embracing and satirizing sports and violence is tricky, injecting goofball fun is even harder. For sheer maniac weirdness it scores points and bullets.

At NewsOK’s Nerdage, we have our first vodcast review. (Note that this doesn’t want to play in Safari on my Mac, but it works just fine in Firefox on both the Mac and Windows). The guys cover three comics this week—BBKC #1, Wolverine #66, and Trinity #3—which puts the book in very fine company. They call me “Mike” Forbeck, but as long as they like the book, I don’t mind.

To make up for all the love, though, John Hardick at PennLive mercilessly savages the book. Still, I’ll take that bad with all that good.