Killer Contract Acquired

 Wp-Content Uploads 2008 06 Bloodbowl-1-AAs you know, Blood Bowl: Killer Contract #1 hit comics stores yesterday. My authors’ comp copies are on the way, but I couldn’t wait. I drove over to the best (and only!) comic-book store in town, AK Comics, where owner David Loftus had a copy of both Cover A and Cover B waiting for me.
I wrote the issue, I’ve seen the art, and I’ve even read a PDF proof of the final pages. Still, there’s nothing like holding the final product in your hands: full-color, glossy-coated tree pulp and all.

However, due to the graphic nature of the book—hey, it’s Blood Bowl!—I can’t share the book with my kids. And let’s just say it runs perpendicular to my wife’s usual tastes. They’re all happy for me, of course, but this one’s just for me—and those of you who share my tastes!

While I was at AK Comics, I signed the rest of their stock and left it there on the shelves. At the moment, these are the only autographed issues in the universe, so if you’re in the neighborhood be sure to stop by and grab them fast.

[Edited to update link to Boom Studios’ spanking-new website.]