Staying Dry

We’ve had a lot of rain in Wisconsin this year. A. Lot.

When I was in Milwaukee last week to visit my father, I found a swollen river blocking a major intersection in my path. Police cars blocked if off in every direction, and I figured they just wanted to keep people out of it. Then I saw that they’d been too late for one unlucky driver: a white sedan sat submerged up to the bottom edge of its windows.

I was in Traverse City, Michigan, for my cousin Kate’s wedding over the weekend. On drive up, fire trucks blocked off every road into Manistee County, forcing us to detour around it. Apparently rains the night before had washed out every major bridge in the county.

Here in Beloit, the Rock River runs right through the center of town. It’s expected to finally crest on Thursday, about four or five feet above its rated flood levels. Fortunately, we’re high and dry in our home, as are our friends and relatives. Of course, we have more rain in the forecast tonight and on Saturday too.

Best wishes to everyone else in the area for keeping clear of the waters. Here’s hoping we can all stay dry!