Killer Contract Complete

Bloodbowl 1 ALate last night, I turned in the script for issue #5 of Blood Bowl: Killer Contract, the final installment in my comic-book miniseries for Boom! Studios. I’ve had a blast working on these books, and I cannot wait to see them on stands. I still have an approval hurdle or two to parkour, but the bulk of the project is over.

(To top this all off, I finally have word that issue #1 is due out June 18th! Ask your local comics retailer about it now!)

Most of the best part is still to come. To me, this involves seeing Lads Helloven transforming my script into sequential art. I saw a preview of the first issue, and it’s filled with amazing stuff. Lads’s art makes everything I wrote even better. Click on the image above for the final version of the cover, complete with logos and bar code.

See the cover for issue #4 (both version A and version B) for more examples. Every issue comes with two regular covers, plus other variants like incentive covers given out to retailers who order lots of copies. These are all wonderful pieces of work.

Cover B for issue #1, for instance, is one of the grossest/coolest covers I’ve ever seen. It’s so very Blood Bowl that I wonder how wise it is to have people draw the images that pop into my head. (The text of a novel feels somehow safer—or more subversive.) And the interior art is just as over the top.