Surviving the Weekend

It turned out to be a long weekend filled with ups and downs, but I figured that going into it. I spent most of the day Saturday visiting my father in the hospital. He’s doing better, although he has a ways to go yet. Still, signs are good, and I’ll take that whenever I can get it.

Sunday, we’d planned to have an outdoor birthday party for the quads, but the thunderstorms and tornadoes that have been hammered the area kiboshed that. Instead, we packed 30 or so people into our house for the big event.

Ann wisely put me in charge of video games. She helped kids make their own pizzas, while my mother and my in-laws ran other games in the sun room and the den. I ran out and picked up a couple extra remotes for the Wii, figuring the kids would all want to play Super Smash Bros., but the big hit was Rock Band, which our kids got me last week as an early Father’s Day present.

After most of the people left, the weather cleared up, so I fired up the inflatable water slide for the after-party. A few more kids from down the street showed up, and they all ran each other ragged until dinnertime.

After we put the kids to bed, I pointed out to Ann that we could look forward to a time a dozen years from now that combined the quads’ high-school graduation and their birthday in the same week. Think of that party.

She nearly keeled over.

Today, the kids have a half-day of school to finish making up for the snow days earlier in the year. Then summer starts in earnest. I’m so glad to have it here!