Mutant Posters

MutantchroniclesbigHaving just finished another proofing of my novelization of the upcoming Mutant Chronicles film, I poked around the web and found a few new posters for the film. The first shows the film’s cast arranged against some dramatic backlighting.

This is my favorite of those I’ve seen so far. Most of the others show a mutant’s boneblade stabbing through a helmet, which is cool but concentrates more on the story’s horror than its heroism. In contrast, this image is stark, it shows something of the feel of the movie, and the tagline—“Have faith”—works perfectly for the story.

Poster Mutant-Chronicles-RussianI also love this other one I found. It’s a shot of Devon Aoki toting an assault rifle as she moves through a wasted landscape, but the kicker is that it’s all done in Russian. As far as I know, this is a poster for the Russian release of the film, as there’s nothing else Russian about the movie. Still, the Cyrillic script gives lends the image an even more iconic feel.