Spring Cleaning

It’s been quiet on the site here over the past few weeks as I scramble to catch up with deadlines. I’ve had a lot of work tossed at me this year, which I’ll be the last to complain about, but it’s meant long days juggling it all. When I’m crunching on a project, I always hate to post here, as I’m sure some of my editors check up on this site, and I never want them to feel like I’m spending time here that I should be putting toward a project.

That said, it doesn’t take that long to post something. I type fast. So I’m going to step it up a bit, as best I can.

Another thing keeping me busy is cleaning my office. More like consolidating, actually. We moved into the new house here in November, and there’s room for me here, so I’m working at home again. Then, a couple months ago, the landlord at my old office told me he’d lined up a new tenant (I’d warned him I’d be leaving in a bit) and asked if I could get out soon—like “that weekend” soon. So I did.

A few of my good, stalwart friends helped me move, and that Sunday we dumped all the stuff from the old office into the new. And there it sat—until this weekend.

We have relatives coming in this week, so I finally have a deadline on this project to motivate me. My office now looks like a game, book, and comic store exploded inside of it.

There’s no way I can keep all of these things, much as I would love to. While the new house is much larger than the old, we still have seven people in it, and I’m making a real effort to rid myself of things I don’t need. Games, books, and comics I haven’t touched in years—other than to move them from one place to another—rank high on the list of Things That Must Go. I’m keeping at least one copy of everything I’ve worked on (that I have, that is), but the rest has to find another home.

This means I’m going to do one (or perhaps a combination) of several things:

  1. Donate everything to my local library.
  2. Sell everything on eBay.
  3. Sell everything through an online consignment shop like Hobby Hearse.
  4. Sell everything to a retailer like Noble Knight Games.

Any recommendations? What would you like to see?