No GTS for Me

Sadly, I am not going to make it to the GAMA Trade Show next week. I love the convention and encourage anyone interested in making or selling tabletop games to attend. It’s a wonderful experience, and I’ll miss being there—as well as the too-rare chance to see so many good friends.

However, after I-don’t-remember-how-many consecutive years of going to the show and either working as an exhibitor or handling seminars on game design and freelancing, I’m going to give it a miss. I’ve already been off on two trips this year, and I have a number of deadlines coming up, so something had to give. Still, I hope to be back again next year.

The only convention definitely on my schedule this year is Gen Con. I might manage to sneak in a few days at Comic-Con or Wizard World Chicago too, but I haven’t firmed any of that up yet.

In the meantime, it doesn’t seem like anyone has picked up the baton to cover my seminar topics at GTS. Fear not, as by the magic of the internet, you can listen to last year’s seminars on “Career Freelancing” and “Getting Your Game Published” online, courtesy of Pulp Gamer.