Spiritkeeper in Japan

Spiritkeeper-Japanese-CoverA little while back, my über-editor Nina Hess—who’s in charge of the young-adult fiction at Wizards of the Coast—sent me a copy of my first hardcover novel. Secret of the Spiritkeeper, which was my first mass-market novel when it hit shelves in 2004, just came out in a brand-new Japanese translation from ASCII, and although I can’t read a word of it, I love it.

The new cover art looks great. The wacky colors in the title are what you get when you scan something printed with metallic silver ink, it seems, so ignore that effect. In person, it looks fantastic.

The book is about the size of the English version, only thicker. The hardcover gives it some good heft, and it even comes with an attached silver ribbon to help keep your place as you read. It’s snazzy, and it really makes me wish I could read Japanese.