Local (National) Politics, Set to Music

A group of locals here in Beloit got together and made a music video for the Barack Obama campaign called “It’s Our Time Now.” Rob Tomaro—music director of the Beloit-Janesville Symphony Orchestra—wrote the song, and Nicole Waters of the cover band the Orphans performs it.

The song was originally created for a documentary, but when Obama spoke here at Beloit College before the Wisconsin primary, the song was performed as part of his introduction. Tomaro called his friend Annie Potts to show it to her over his phone, and she encouraged him to make a video for the song. They wrangled her husband Jim Hayman into directing it.

They shot all the live scenes on location here in Beloit. If you’re a local, you might recognize some of the faces. If not, it’s still lots of fun—no matter your personal politics.