An Avalanche (of Fun) in Stockholm

If you noticed it’s been quiet around here, that’s because I just spent the last week in Stockholm, working on a new video game for Avalanche Studios. I can’t say much more about the game than that at the moment, but I’m having a ball working on it, and most of that has to do with the hospitality and creativity of the excellent people at Avalanche.

I spent a week in Sweden, and I was out with a different group of people every night. Much of that has to do with the fact that some of my earliest writing gigs were for Target Games, working on the various Mutant Chronicles games, and the people who were part of that now-defunct company have formed many new companies of their own in a kind of creative diaspora.

I’ll try to post more on this later, but right now my body is running seven hours ahead of schedule. That was only compounded by the fact that Sweden (and most everyone else outside of the US) still does their Daylights Savings Time the old way, so I had to “Spring forward” for a second time this year this morning.

Still, I had such a wonderful time that the only thing I can complain about is how tired it made me. That’s not bad at all.