Champions MMO

My friends at Cryptic Studios just announced the Champions MMO, as well as the fact they’ve purchased the property and licensed it back to previous owner Hero Games so they can keep making the tabletop RPG.

Jack Emmert, who’s in charge of Cryptic, has loved superhero RPGs forever. I remember chatting with him about my Brave New World RPG before it even hit shelves, and he just glowed with the superhero love.

I’m thrilled for Steve, Darren, and Tina at Hero, especially Steve, who broke into RPG writing many years ago with Dark Champions. This should be a good shot in the arm for them, and I’m looking forward to many more great things from them.

Many years ago, the original Hero Games crew set itself off on a course to create a Champions computer game. They even asked me to write some of the adventures for it once it got off the ground. Sadly that day never came.

Ray Greer, one of those original Heroes, had vowed not to shave his beard or cut his hair until the game shipped. He looked awful shaggy for a long time. I knew for sure the project was dead when I finally saw him looking trimmed again.

Now, though, it looks like it’s going to happen and be better than ever. This is a great teaming of creators and concept, and I’ll be first in line to play.