I Voted

IvotedstickerI voted this morning in the Presidential primaries here in Wisconsin. I had to register with the new address and vote at a different place, but in this state you can walk up and do so on the day of the polls and then vote right after. You can also vote for whoever you like, without having to be a registered member of any party.

Last night, Ann went to see Barack Obama speak while I sat home with the kids. I also watched after a nephew and niece, the kids of my step-brother Dan Schooff and his wife Alyssa Whitney. Alyssa served as treasurer for Governor Doyle’s first campaign, and Dan ran the campaign the last time around. Dan also served as our state assemblyman for six years, but he’s now the Deputy Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Administration.

IMGP2635.JPGDan managed to snag some VIP seats for himself and the ladies, so they got to sit only a few rows back from the stage in the Flood Arena at Beloit College. Ann called me up when Obama started to speak, and I listened to the entire speech over her cell phone.

While it was a strange way to join such an event, it reminded me of listening to an old speech broadcast over the radio. Here, in 2008, I experienced the speech much the way my grandparents would have listened to, say, FDR 70 years ago.

I’m excited about this election, and I hope you are too. No matter who you plan to vote for, get out and vote and be involved. If the last decade has shown us anything, it’s that politics really do matter.