Blood Bowl Goes Boom!

Bloodbowl 1 CoveraBoom! Studios today banged out a press release for my upcoming Blood Bowl comic-book miniseries: Blood Bowl: Killer Contract. See below for the full text.

While we’re at it, here’s the concept art for the one of the three variant covers for issue #1. That’s #7 Dunk Hoffnung sailing over the crowd, with M’Grash and Spinne opening the way. Lads Helloven provided this piece and handles the interiors too.


Los Angeles – February 18th, 2008 – BOOM! Studios is putting the fantasy back into fantasy football (as in elves, dwaves, orcs, and ogres) with the release of BLOOD BOWL: KILLER CONTRACT #1. The five-issue mini-series brings together best-selling BLOOD BOWL novelist Matt Forbeck and his trademark twisted blend of humor and action with soon to be fan-favorite artist Lads Helloven for the first-ever BLOOD BOWL comic book.

The new miniseries, BLOOD BOWL: KILLER CONTRACT, brings to life the world-renowned Games Workshop’s tabletop fantasy football game, BLOOD BOWL.

“This miniseries is a natural fit for BOOM! after doing the WARHAMMER 40,000 and WARHAMMER series,” said Ross Richie, Co-Founder of BOOM! Studios, “BLOOD BOWL combines the best parts of fantasy and football: gore and guts.”

Bestselling author Matt Forbeck kicks off the BLOOD BOWL miniseries with a throw-down between the legendary Bad Bay Hackers and their hated rivals: the Orcland Raiders. Artist Lads Helloven’s detailed and hilarious illustrations will make readers both cringe and laugh at the on-field violence.

BOOM! Studios adds BLOOD BOWL to its already-existing line of hugely successful comic books and graphic novels based on Games Workshop properties, including the worlds of WARHAMMER and WARHAMMER 40,000.

“I love games, I love BLOOD BOWL, and I love comics,” said Matt Forbeck, writer of BLOOD BOWL: KILLER CONTRACT. “Working with BOOM! on this has been a dream: a funny, twisted, violent dream about humans, ogres, and orcs fighting over a prized pigskin decorated with sharp and shiny spikes.”

Besides the best-selling BLOOD BOWL series of novels for the Black Library, Matt Forbeck has written numerous novels and comics including EBERRON: MARKED FOR DEATH, DRACULA’S REVENGE, DEADLANDS: ONE SHOT, SECRET OF THE SPIRITKEEPER, and the novelization of the upcoming MUTANT CHRONICLES film.

Matt Forbeck is also a leading game developer with twelve Origins awards and five ENnie awards, having developed and co-wrote THE LORD OF THE RINGS ROLEPLAYING GAME and REDHURST ACADEMY OF MAGIC, and designed the games BRAVE NEW WORLD: THE ROLEPLAYING GAME and MARVEL HEROES BATTLE DICE, among countless others. He also co-wrote the recent HARVEY BIRDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW video game for the PS2, the PSP, and the Wii.

BLOOD BOWL: KILLER CONTRACT #1 is featured in this month’s February 2008 Diamond Previews catalogue and will ship in April of this year. BLOOD BOWL: KILLER CONTRACT #1 Cover A has a Diamond Code of FEB083594 and Cover B has a Diamond Code of FEB083595.

There will be an extremely limited C cover for BLOOD BOWL: KILLER CONTRACT #1 available as a 1-in-10 retailer incentive. Fans should check with their retailer for details on availability.

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