Vote, Badgers, Vote

If you live in Wisconsin, as I do, don’t forget we have a primary tomorrow, and get yourself down to the polls. If you’re paying any attention to the world at all, this would be difficult to miss, but it always bears repeating.

It’s great to have a close race still going on with the Democrats this late in the process, as it means we get candidates stumping around the place for our vote. Chelsea Clinton will be here at Beloit College this afternoon, and Barack Obama will visit the same venue later tonight. There’s talk that Hillary Clinton might show up tomorrow too. John McCain, meanwhile, tours the middle part of the state, and I’ve not heard any word about Mike Huckabee.

Most years, the slates have already been decided by now, and the closest we get to the candidates is watching them on TV. Seeing them in person gets everyone more jazzed up for the elections than ever.