Snow Day Redux

We’re snowed in here again at Casa Forbeck today. The snow stopped last night, but the road teams didn’t seem to think they could get the roads clear in time for school, so Ann and the kids got a second impromptu day off in a row.

When we bought the house in November, I loved the fact the house sits far back from the street. “What a great driveway for the kids to play in,” right? Never did shoveling it enter my mind until the snows arrive.

Last week, I considered giving in and buying a snow blower. Then I realized I’m still a young man with lots of kids (read: free labor). I took the boys to the store and bought them each a shovel instead. (Helen already has one.)

Sadly, my crew vs. about a foot and a half of snow isn’t a good match, no matter how many of them I can deploy. They helped, but I ended up doing the lion’s share of the work and wondered about that snow blower more than once as I did. At one point, I got so warm from the exercise that when I looked up, the heat from my cheeks warped the air like the desert sun on a long highway.

Who needs a gym when you have Wisconsin winters?