Playing Birdman

I finally had a chance to play through the Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law game on the Wii, and I loved it. It looks just like the cartoon, and the actors did an excellent job with the dialog. I laughed lots, especially at the stuff I didn’t work on at all. (Jokes work better if you don’t know the punchline beforehand, I think.)

Sadly, my name was left off the credits. This happens, especially in large productions like videogames, and more especially if you’re not in the office when the credits list is created. While I’d love to see my name up on the screen, it matters little compared to being a part of it in the first place. It’s an unintentional oversight, I’m sure, and the checks all cleared, so I cannot complain.

As the critics have pointed out, this is a short game. It’s based on cartoons that last under 12 minutes, so that’s no surprise. For someone as busy as me, that’s actually a bonus, and I still clocked in several hours playing the game. I didn’t want to wait until my comp copies showed up, so I paid good money for my copy, and the game was worth every cent.